From Understanding to Action Projects

From Understanding to Action Projects are projects where students research an issue with other students around the world, discuss possible actions, and then engage in an action within their local communities

Earth Day Groceries Project 2001 - Joined together on the Internet, thousands of school children from 315 schools decorated over 121,049 paper grocery bags to celebrate Earth Day last year and increase environmental awareness. These bags were passed out (filled with groceries) to shoppers at grocery stores on Earth Day. At this site you can read all the reports from participating schools in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. You can find out how to participate in 1998, We hope you can join us on Earth Day, April 22, 1998!

Earth Force is youth for a change! Through Earth Force, youth discover and implement lasting solutions to environmental issues in their community. In the process they develop life-long habits of active citizenship and environmental stewardship. Educators turn to Earth Force for innovative tools to engage young people in community problem solving.

Getting Clean by Going Green - a great resource for chaning our ways of cleaning with suggestions from Green Cleaning Supplies to Why to Update Old Appliances to Green Lessons and Activities.
suggested by Mary Lowe

Give Water a Hand - MAKE A SPLASH! -- Do you know of a youth group or class that wants to take action to improve local water quality? With Give Water A Hand, young people team up with educators, natural resource experts and committed community members to study water issues and take ACTION!

A Girl's World Ark - a project for girls toward ending world hunger. Congratulations! Set a goal for yourself. Click on animal to choose which one(s) you'd like to send on the "A Girl's World" ark and how your animal will help the needy families of the world. You can put a rabbit, pig, sheep, goat, tree, chicks, llama, buffalo, bees or heifer (cow or bull) on the ark. Now, put on your thinking cap. Get excited. This is the time for action. You're going to raise money or collect donations for your animal. It's okay to work to end hunger by yourself. But if you'd like to share this project with your family, friends, school or club, that can be fun too. Click here for working together for ideas.

Nonprofit Prophets- Nonprofit Prophets is an interactive project that challenges groups of students to investigate a problem that they see in the world and then create a World Wide Web Resource page on the Internet that teaches the world about the problem. What kinds of topics/problems will you work on?

Plant A Tree And Celebrate Earth Day! - a great site for many ideas celebrating Earth Day suggested by Constance Matteo and her After School Program students who found the site. Many thanks to them for this addition!

The Rope Pump Project - In rural villages in Nicaragua, many children and adults are subject to disease and death because of lack of access to clean water. Through the Rope Pump Project, we are collaborating with an organization called El Porvenir ("The Future") which worked on small water projects in Nicaragua.

Save the Beaches - The purpose of the "Save the Beaches" project is to have students collaborate as they discover ways to take responsibility for their environment. It is also hoped that they will begin to realize the interdependencies that exist across the globe. They will understand the we are a world community, each of us depends on the others in a quest to keep our planet healthy. Students visit local beaches, do a beech sweep, analyze and categorize the litter. They then share the data with the participating schools. Through graphs and discussions they reach conclusions based on what was found.